My name is Alex, I was born in Alsace (France) 34 years ago.
So far I traveled for my engineering studies, my internships, my jobs, my holidays. Despite this, among the almost 200 countries that make up the world, I still have visited « only » twenty, most of them in Europe.
I discovered it a few years websites that allow travelers to stay for free with the inhabitant. This allowed me to host dozens of world travelers who traveled for long periods around the world.
I could feel in them what this kind of experience provides and they gave me somehow the virus of long travels, at least reinforced the idea that one day I should travel myself far and long.
My situation now, in good health, without work is probably the right time to take the step so I finally chose to leave in June 2015 for 10 months of travel that will lead me to New Zealand, on the other end of the world.
I’m not a big fan of the classic « mass tourism », all-inclusive organized trips, I prefer the « adventure » trips that are more or less improvised.
That is why in this trip, I will be traveling by bicycle.
I will cross over twenty countries to cycle more than 20,000 km.
When I announced my project to friends, colleagues and family, many told me I was sick or crazy!
But the madness that would rather not make this trip that I’ve dreamt for a long time.
I realize that the years go always more quickly, and rather than later regret not having done it I prefer getting started. Moreover today’s 2015 world does not specifically encourage me to stay « home » and I hope to find in the foreign countries I’ll be crossing something else then selfish, xenophobic and individualistic behaviors that are so widespread in France.
What I like about traveling is to discover landscapes, cultures and people speaking other languages, going out of my comfort zone. But also during such a long and distant travel, the time it will leave me to reflect on what is essential in life. Escape for a while to injuries, failures, disappointments and betrayals that are also part of life …
I’ll be travelling almost every single time alone on my bike but a trip is worth only if it is shared.
So besides the people I will randomly meet for such a trip, those who will host me, with whom I’ll be eating, etc … this blog aims to share with you my adventure.Enjoy reading.
And if you want to support me please send me some lines that will for sure warm my heart.

I do not ask any sponsorship but if you can, please donate to MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières = Doctors Without Borders) a NGO which works worldwide for people who do not have the chance I have to make such a trip. I have created a dedicated webpage here :
I expect to collect 1€ for 10km done by bicycle, which is € 2’100. Thank you.

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